Как стать богатым и счастливым

1. С помощью генеалогии

Многие поколения ваших предков и толпы родственников подготовили все необходимое для вашего счастья и процветания, надо только уметь этим воспользоваться.
Если начать обосновывать все необходимые действия, получится трактат занудный и демагогический, поэтому предлагаем набор элементарных действий - осуществлять их можно в любом порядке, но все они ведут к одной цели - вы станете богаты и счастливы.
Выбирайте любой шарик ниже и получите совет.
2. Без помощи генеалогии
Это только для знающих английский, поэтому и поясняющий текст на английском. Не знаю, правда это или полная чушь, но говорят красиво.
Для тех, кто знает английский...Did you know that the main reason people don't get into this business is because they don't  understand it? Instead, most people work for someone else for 30-40 years. And then what  kind of retirement will they have to look forward to?
Will they have $50,000-$100,000 a year or more to retire on?
In Network Marketing, it is possible for a person to retire on much more than that, and to accomplish it in far fewer years.
Do you think you could find one person a year who would want a better lifestyle?
Do you think that person could find one person a year, etc. etc.?  If you do that, you can retire on far more than $500,000 in twelve years! Now, that certainly beats waiting and working 30-40 years, doesn't it?
The "sponsor one a year" idea, with everybody doing the same would net you 4,096 people in your organization by the end of your 12th year..Check it out yourself. You sponsor one new person your first year and you help that person do the same, that gives you a grand total of two people.
The second year, you and your person each sponsor one more.
Now you have four.
The third year you will have eight.
After that it progresses geometrically to a total of 4,096 people by the end of the 12th year.
In our company, an organization of 4,096 would earn you well over $500,000 dollars per year .  WOW!!!
Once you believe that you can do the sponsor one a year plan, you can then convert to a shorter period of time.
Whatever is comfortable and realistic for you.
For example, sponsoring one person every 3 months and everyone else doing the same, with our help, would build your business to 4,096 by the end of the 4th year, not 12.
And if you sponsor one every month, and everyone else does the same, you would get there in one year.
So, whats the point of all this? It's simple. I can show you that YOU CAN DO IT!
All you have to do is get started, work consistently, and never, never give up! You'll make it if you hang in there.
Too many people get into this industry thinking they are going to get rich in 3 to 6 months or less, and they don't, they get discouraged and stop working. Or, quit all together. Some even give up their jobs prematurely and when they don't get rich quick enough, it creates a tremendous hardship for them and their family.
Network Marketing isn't a business you learn and then do.
It's a business you learn WHILE doing. You can actually earn while you are learning.  Most beginning network marketers have full-time jobs and do their networking business part-time.  It takes most of them awhile to really understand the business.
That's Perfectly OK!
Unfortunately, some people join a network marketing company and then give up, before they even learn how to  do the business.  This is a shame because they never even give themselves a chance.
Think of the millions of people who go to college for four years or more, attending classes 10-15 hours per week just so they can learn what to do.  When they finally get their  degrees, they have no chance of retiring in a few years. Most of the time, they just hope to get that 30-40 year job. Imagine how big an organization you could build in four years if you put in just 10-15 hours a week building your own network marketing business in our company!
The Networking industry is a TEACHING business, not a selling business.
If you are selling anything, it is the opportunity for a better lifestyle.
Anyone, therefore, can do it!
Get started now, and work at your own pace. YOU CAN DO IT!
In one to twelve years-it is totally up to you.
Set your own goals, and right them down so you can see them everyday.
Why keep working for someone else for a living, when you can work for a better lifestyle!